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Located at 4,600 meters above sea level, the China-Pakistan border crossing, which goes over the Khunjerab pass and the Karakoram Highway is the highest and, consequently, one of the most beautiful borders in the world. The journey is quite easy and it only requires a little preparation but, due to the strict measures imposed by the Chinese authorities, you will need an extra dose of patience.

Chinese visa – Are you in possession of a valid Chinese visa? If not, you are wasting your time here. Some years ago, it was possible to get a Chinese visa in Islamabad but, during my journey, I met an Australian man who been denied a visa, so things might have changed now. I got mine in Barcelona, Spain.

The Pakistan border with China is closed at weekend – Plan your trip accordingly.

It is also closed in winter – From November to March, Khunjerab pass is covered by snow, hence the border remains closed. There are no official opening or closing dates, as it depends on the weather.